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  2. Initiatives on school excursions

Initiatives on school excursions

Efforts to prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases on school excursions

  • 【Public space】

    ·Alcohol disinfectant will be installed in the lobby on the 1st floor and in front of the elevator on each floor.
    ·2 alcoholic disinfectants will be distributed per class upon arrival.(I will give it to my teacher)
     Please feel free to use it together with the one installed in this facility.
    ·The staff performs health checks such as temperature measurement, wears masks, wash hands, gargle, and disinfect with alcohol.
    ·Please refrain from holding general meetings such as entrance/exit and recreation.
     ※You can use the in-house broadcasting for communication to children and students.
    ·In order to reduce the chances of contact with other groups, please stay in the guest rooms during the hours other than eating and bathing.
    ·Tea supply in the tea room will be canceled.
    ·After using the toilet, close the lid of the toilet bowl and flush it.(Please do the same for the toilet in the room.)


    ·The guest rooms are cleaned and ventilated (3 hours or more), and the doorknobs, toilet knobs, remote controls, and other touchable parts are disinfected with alcohol.
     ※All rooms have windows so you can freely ventilate your stay.
     (Stoppers are attached to the guest room windows on the 4th floor and above for safety, so they will not open more than 15 cm.)
    ·Slippers used in this facility are sterilized before check-in.
    ·We will prepare an individually wrapped sterilization sheet in the guest room.

    【Large Communal Bath】

    ·After cleaning the bathroom, it is sterilized with alcohol.
     ※If there is a camp, disinfect once after the bath of the previous school.

    【Meals in Dining Hall】

    ·Place alcohol disinfectant in front of the entrance.
    ·For ventilation, the venue door will be open even during meals.
    ·Please refrain from having conversations during meal times.
    ·Separately sterilized sheets will be provided for each seat.
    ·We will not explain the contents of the dishes before meals.
     (We will give the school a menu and ingredient list in advance.)
    ·Serving staff will serve after wearing a mask and vinyl gloves.
    ·Please understand that there are some differences between the traditional method and the method of serving meals and the meal menu.

    【Request to customers】

    ·Before starting a school trip, we will take a thermometer and check the physical condition under the guidance of the school. If you have a fever or are in poor physical condition, we apologize for the inconvenience.
     (In that case no cancellation fee will be charged)
    ·If you feel fever or feel unwell after departure, please visit your nearest medical institution before leaving and leave the group.
     (In that case no cancellation fee will be charged)
    ·Please wear a mask as much as possible during your visit and during your stay.
    ·When discarding used masks, put them in a plastic bag for each class and discard.
     (The plastic bag will be given to the teacher upon arrival)
    ·If you have a fever or feel unwell during your stay, please notify the front desk immediately.