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Miyajima Information

History and the island of romance that conveys the Heian of Heian now

Miyajima Island is a sightseeing on foot, so please go out with easy-to-walk clothes. Itsukushima Shrine is a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

Miyajima is home to wild deer as an angel of God. Please be careful not to eat paper bags or brochures.

One of Japan's Top 3 Scenic Views, World cultural heritage of Miyajima

  • History and Island of Romance

    Miyajima is a small island floating in the beautiful Setonaikai, and has long been called "the island where the gods live".
    The architectural beauty of Itsukushima Shrine and Otorii, they harmonize well with nature and exude elegance.
    Speaking of nature, such as spring cherry blossoms, autumn maple, Misen Wild Woods that shows different expression every season, etc.
    Miyajima, full of change, attracts people all over the world. Miyajima is proud of the harmony between architectural beauty and natural beauty.
    Matsushima, along with Amanohashidate, has become one of the Japan's Top 3 Scenic Views in Japan's Top 3 Scenic Views. Also this history, Legend, culture, Nature
    In December 1996, the structure of Itsukushima Shrine, the sea in front, and the Mt Misen wild forest behind
    Registered as a World Heritage Site. Timeless and still elegant Itsukushima Shrine and the front sea and behind
    Misen Wild Woods. Our mission is to continue to convey this cultural heritage to the world and to the next generation.
  • Itsukushima Shrine

    5 minutes on foot from the hotel

    It was built during the Emperor Emperor's era, and was constructed to its present form by Hira Kiyomori.
    Enjoy the scale and temple style of the creative arrangement of the sea.
    The architectural beauty that has been incorporated, the majesty and worthy to be said to be one of the most prestigious companies in the country
    It is full of style.
  • Otorii

    10 minutes on foot from the hotel

    Miyajima's symbol Otorii is about 16 meters high and weighs about 60 tons, not fixed
    Standing with my own weight. When the tide is high, the large Otorii floating in the sea
    You can see the large Otorii that stands in. Repair work is going on from June 2019 due to serious deterioration
    It has been done.
  • Goju-no-to

    10 minutes on foot from the hotel

    It is built in 1407 and its height is about 28m. Gathering Japanese and Chinese style, two styles
    It is united skillfully. The central pillar does not reach from the top to the foundation, and in the second layer
    Because it does not reach to the bottom and reach to the bottom, it is strong to the swing like a pendulum, even to the typhoon
    It has a creative structure that can withstand.
  • Senjo Kaku

    10 minutes on foot from the hotel

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi applied for request in 1587 to read the Senbek 部 once a month, and to Yasukuni Kei
    I ordered to build, but by the death of Hideyoshi, I will reach the present without completion.
    Between the girder row 13, between the back 15, between the girder 8, between the gorge of this rubble from the vastness
    Senjo Kaku came to be called Senjo Kaku.
  • Daigan-ji temple

    15 minutes on foot from the hotel

    It is Shingon sect Takano mountain school, but the open base is unknown, but in the Kenin year of Kamakura period (1201-1203)
    It is reported that it was restored by the monk sea. The Benzaiten being scolded here is a Sagami country
    Enoshima, Takesujima in Omikuni, as well as The Three Great Shrines of Benzaiten, is famous for its annual Benzai on June 17
    Heavenly festival is held.
  • Homotsu-kan (treasure hall)

    15 minutes on foot from the hotel

    It is a reinforced concrete flat house built in 1934. Heike family is within the facility
    Fine art such as the treasures of Itsukushima Shrine collection including Heike Nokyo which he prayed for prosperity and dedicated
    Crafts are on display, many of which are designated national treasures and important cultural properties.
    It is in front of the exit of Itsukushima Shrine.
  • Tahoto (Pagoda)

    20 minutes on foot from the hotel

    A "double tower" with 15 and 6 meters tall Japanese-style towers built by monks in 1523
    It is also called. Partially incorporating Tengu-like and Tang-like techniques,
    The upper layer has a different structure. At the time of the 1555 Battle of Itsukushima Island, this area is of the pottery
    It is said that it became the first main line.
  • Momiji-dani Park

    25 minutes on foot from the hotel

    There are about 700 autumn leaves and it is known as a great attraction of autumn leaves as its name.
    Autumn leaves and blazing leaves in autumn, cherry blossoms and fresh greens are vividly colored from spring to summer,
    You can enjoy a variety of changes each season. Autumn leaves are from mid to late November every year
    It will take you around the corner.
  • Miyajima Historical and Ethnic Museum

    20 minutes on foot from the hotel

    Itsukushima Shrine is a museum that introduces the history and culture of Miyajima centering on Itsukushima Shrine.
    Other than ethnic materials related to food, clothing, housing, production, transportation, transportation, trade, faith, etc.
    There are also books and drawings related to Miyajima, and the attractions of Itsukushima Shrine and Hira Kiyomori,
    It is an essential place to know Miyajima's history and culture.
  • Miyajima Aquarium (Miyaji Marine)

    25 minutes on foot from the hotel

    More than 13,000 points of 350 species are displayed, focusing on the creatures of the Setonaikai.
    Setonaikai only one in the Setonaikai, such as the sea bream or the otter moving comically, the todo swimming dynamically
    There are a lot of sea life. Contact time with penguins and white-collars held every day
    And sea lion shows are also popular.
  • Daisei-in

    25 minutes on foot from the hotel

    In Shingon Omuro sect head temple, Kobo Daishi in 806 years way back from the Tang, of seeking聞持in Mt Misen
    It is said that the Hundred-day practice was created and created. Itsukushima Shrine until the separation of Shinto and Buddha in Meiji
    I was in charge of the festival as a separate duty. Hirobumi Ito is of deep faith also visited Mt Misen mountain trail several times
    I was also working on restoration.
  • Miyajima Ropeway

    25 minutes on foot from the hotel

    Mt Misen ropeway is convenient if you climb Mt Misen Momijidani Station to Shishiiwa Station
    It takes about 15 minutes to transfer 2 gondolas. Mt Misen summit observatory
    It is about 30 minutes on foot from Shishiiwa Station. The view from the top is 360 ° C
    It is a large panorama. Round trip purchase is advantageous.
  • Mt Misen

    It is a mysterious mountain surrounded by a deep primitive forest, where many legends and history live.
    Designated as a World Heritage Site, you can see primitive plants in their natural state.
    As Hirofumi Ito read, "The value of one of the Japan's Top 3 Scenic Views in Japan's Top 3 Scenic Views is in the view of the top,"
    Multi-ShimaYoshi of Seto Inland Sea overlooking from the summit is breathtaking.
  • Mt Misen climbing

    The altitude is 535 m, and you can enjoy mountain climbing, hiking and nature observation all year round.
    There are several climbing course, so please enjoy your favorite course according to your time and strength.
    Please choose. Please climb with clothes suitable for climbing. Going to walk,
    It is also possible to use the ropeway on the way back.
     "Daishin-in course" to climb from Daisho-in, one-way required approximately one and a half hours-2 hours
     "Omoto course" which climbs from Omoto park, one way required approximately two hours
     Climb from Momijidani Park, "Momijidani course", about 2 hours each way
  • Seven Wonders of the Mt Misen

    "Indelible fire" "Pink of tin cane" "Manaiwa" "Omaniwa" "Shigure cherry tree" "Cerpent of cedar"
    There are seven of the "beats of wood" and one of them, "The Reikado Fire,"
    The fire does not go out when Kobo Daishi practiced the law of calling for hearing under a suspended pot
    It has been on fire for 1200 years.
  • Omotesando Shopping Street

    5 minutes on foot from the hotel

    Itsukushima Shrine the main street leading to Itsukushima Shrine, around 70 shops of souvenir shops on both sides of the street
    There are restaurants, cafes and so on. Buy fine confectionery specialty products besides Momiji Manju
    You can ask. You can also enjoy some specialties such as oysters, Anago-meshi (broiled conger eel on rice) and okonomiyaki. Baked oyster
    It is also popular to eat brooms and sweets, and B class gourmets of Miyajima such as Nigiri Ten.
  • Machiya street

    2 minutes on foot from the hotel

    Omotesando Shopping Street a retro street with a calm atmosphere, which has entered the one main mountain side from Omotesando Shopping Street.
    There are cafes, restaurants and galleries. There are traffic of cars,
    It is recommended for people who want to relax and walk as there is less crowded people. Even from Machiya street
    You can go to Itsukushima Shrine.
  • Miyajima Traditional Industry Center

    5 minutes on foot from the hotel

    Located right in front of the Miyajima pier, enjoy the traditions and history of Miyajima since ancient times.
    It is a nickname of "Miyajiman Kobo" in an experience type tourist facility that can be experienced while learning
    It is familiar. You can enjoy the experience of making Momiji Manju experience of burning Momiji Manju,
    It is popular with children. Experiences need to be booked for a fee.
  • Itsukushima Shrine World Heritage Registration Monument

    5 minutes on foot from the hotel

    It is in the square just after leaving the building of Miyajima pier.
    Completed on November 1, 2000 by the hand of sculptor Kodama Kohei.
    Designed on the basis of the circle and the square on the theme of yin yang thought and the ancient view of the universe
    is. When you look at the central hole, you can see the large Otorii.

Nightly boat boat cruise guide

  • Miyajima Light-up Cruise

    【Information on route】
    A houseboat sailing around the lighted Otorii is popular as a night fun in Miyajima.
    After sailing, visit the Itsukushima Shrine from the sea near Itsukushima Shrine Otorii, and after watching Itsukushima Shrine from the sea,
    Miyajima Third Pier will return to Miyajima Third Pier. Please enjoy a special space surrounded by a fantastic atmosphere.
    ※From July 2019, it can not go under the Otorii even at high tide until the completion of the large Otorii restoration work.

     Adult(s): ¥ 1,600, children: 800 yen, ※Children under 4 years old are free.

    【Time of departure All 6 flights (30 minutes required)】
    ① 17:55, ② 18:35, ③ 19: 15, ④ 19:55, ⑤ 20:35, ⑥ 21:15

    【Reservation method】
    It is a complete reservation system.We will be able to arrange your seat so we will have the time you want
    Please contact me if decided. Tickets will be given at the front desk on the day.

    【Guide place】
    We will board the Miyajima pier from the No. 3 Miyajima pier the far right side.It is a 7-minute walk from the hotel.