About Makoto

A space of peace with the thought of hospitality on the ground of Miyajima


  •            Miyajima, revered as "God no Island", is an island of history and romance floating in the beautiful Setonaikai.
               Miyajima Hotel Makoto is located in the place where I entered the mountain from the pier of that island for about 5 minutes on foot.
               It is in a quiet nature where wild deer plays, greets morning with bird's singing.
               Itsukushima Shrine World Cultural Heritage Site, is a 10-minute walk and ideal for sightseeing.
               I think that there is a point that the hotel has been open for more than 30 years and is not accessible in terms of facilities,
               We are always trying to make our guests happy with the hospitality that puts our hearts in that extent, and our dishes.
               With "motto and appreciation" as our motto, we are working hard every day as soon as we can help you with all the good trips.
               I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart.

                                                     Service Manager, Bairin, proton


  • Makoto overview

    ●Building, Stuff
     Opened in September 1986/6 stories
    ●The room
     General room 49 rooms·1 special room·Western style room 4 rooms
    ●Big bath
     Men Hakubai·Women Ko-bai
     Family bath with Sauna Koume
     From 16: 00 to 24: 00/6: 00 to 9: 00
    ●banquet hall
     2F: Koto 220 m²·Flute 140 m²·Drum of 140 m²
     3F:Ichinose 65 square meters·Ninose 40 square meters·Sannose 40 square meters
     Lounge "Hanagoromo"
     Gift Shop Dondongawa, Massage corner
    ●Parking Lot
     Ten fully equipped(Free)
     IN / OUT 15: 00/10: 00
    Honestly deeply honored with hospitality in the land of Miyajima

Helping a comfortable journey with casual service.

■I want to reduce even the burden on customers with small children···

  •                 ·Bed-sharing infants who do not need meal bedding can stay free of charge at the facility without charge.
                    ·We have chairs for babies who can recline in the dining venue. (First-come first served)
                    ·For dinner and breakfast, prepare white rice for kids, tray, spoon, fork.
                    ·We have a baby bathtub in the female public bath.
                    ·Baby beds are available in the female public bath.
                    ·If you need warming or boiling of baby food brought, please tell us.
                    ·We have temperature potable electric kettle in our room.
                    ·Dirty diapers will be disposed of at the inn so you can leave it and do not mind.
                    ·During the summer vacation, we have a kids space in the lobby.
                    ·Family bath can be used for free for 40 minutes. (3 Groups per Day/First come first served basis/Advance reservation possible)

■I want to ease even a little bit of anxiety about pregnant customers · · ·

  •                 ·We will pick you up between hotel ⇔ Miyajima pier at any time.
                    ·I will replace raw foods such as sashimi and weak foods with different dishes. (Advance reservation required)
                    ·We will prepare a Japanese style room with chairs and tables so that you can sit comfortably.
                    ·We prepare rooms near the elevator so that there is less movement.
                    ·I do not want a cancellation fee for canceling the day before I want your body to be first priority.
                    ·If you want to lie down as soon as you arrive, I will ask you to spread a futon.
                    ·Family bath can be used for free for 40 minutes. (3 Groups per Day/First come first served basis/Advance reservation possible)

                   ※Since there are things that we can not deal with on the day, please inform us in advance if you wish to respond.

■I want to relax and enjoy sightseeing · · ·

  •                 ·When going to sightseeing before check-in
                     When you receive boarding contact, we will ask you to pick up your luggage at Miyajima pier along with that time.
                    ·Sightseeing after checkout
                     We will deliver the luggage in the lobby and we will call you from the jetty after sightseeing has been done.

please read

  •       There are some points you would like to understand in advance for your stay. Even though we came all the way, I was disappointed and I got home
          I am sorry and I'd appreciate it if you let me know about some inconvenient parts as well. Please read before arrival.
  • ●Large Communal Bath●

    There is a public bath, but it is not a hot spring.There is also no outdoor bath and the inner bath is male and female
    There is one each place.You can come and enjoy a bath in a hot spring boom
    I think that customers are coming, please understand beforehand that it is not a hot spring.
  • ●View from the room●

    There are only 13 rooms on the ocean side among 50 rooms in total, mostly rooms with poor views.
    Some rooms on the mountain side, some rooms can not be seen even in the mountains.Leave your room to the hotel
    We are sorry to inform you in advance what kind of view will be available.
    If you specify a room on the ocean side, we will receive 2,000 yen (excluding tax) increase per person
    Please tell us in advance.
    All the rooms have 22 square meters in contemporary Japanese style, so you can relax comfortably.
  • ●Accessible room●

    We do not offer barrier-free rooms or Western-style rooms.There is a big step in the entrance, the hall, and the meal venue
    Although it is possible to move by a wheelchair, steps of about 10 cm at the entrance of the room and about 20 cm at the entrance of the large public bathroom
    We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by guests coming by wheelchair and accompanying guests.
    As the first step towards barrier-free measures, we set up a wheelchair-only toilet in the lobby, and can get on and off with the wheelchair
    Completely equipped with a shuttle car, free rental of wheelchair etc We are doing, but there is still not enough
    It is the current situation.
    The hotel staff will be happy to assist you as much as possible so please do not hesitate to tell us.
  • ●Parking●

    We are in the island, transportation means will be a ferry.
    If you are coming by car please use the municipal or private parking lot around the Miyajimaguchi Pier.
    Since we do not have private parking lot and reservation system, please use parking space after arriving at the day.
    You will be able to find it yourself.
    Although it is possible to ride a car on a ferry and cross over to Miyajima, the inside of the island is narrow and the sightseeing by car is
    Can not, on the island of parking Badai is free round-trip Miyajimaguchi Toll Parking Lot Daiyori car Miyajimaguchi Toll Parking Lot
    Please be aware that the shipping fee is higher and that wild deer inhabits in advance.
  • ●School excursion●

    We have about 250 school trip excursions per year for us.
    Depending on the time, it may be a school trip trip student and a lodging camp.
    In that case you will not be on the same room floor or the same dining venue as a school trip trip,
    There is a time zone that you can not use because you will set a student lodging time in the public bath.
    We appreciate your inconvenience but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    School trip trip day
    【June】 2,Four,Five,8,Ten,11,12, 18
    【July】 1,2,3,6,9,Ten,13,16, 29
    【August】 26,27,28,29,30, 31
  • ●Night in Miyajima●

    Some of the guests coming by group or group may wish to have a second party after the banquet
    I think whether you will come.There is no entertainment area where neon is glittering in Miyajima
    We do not have snacks or karaoke boxes, so please be aware in advance.