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A space of peace with the thought of hospitality on the ground of Miyajima


  • Miyajima, revered as "God no Island", is an island of history and romance floating in the beautiful Setonaikai.Miyajima Hotel Makoto is located in the place where I entered the mountain from the pier of that island for about 5 minutes on foot.It is in a quiet nature where wild deer plays, greets morning with bird's singing.Itsukushima Shrine World Cultural Heritage Site, is a 10-minute walk and ideal for sightseeing.Since this facility has been open for more than 30 years, I think that there may be points that are out of reach in terms of equipment, but we are always trying to make our customers happy with their hospitality and food. I will.With "motto and appreciation" as our motto, we are working hard every day as soon as we can help you with all the good trips.I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart.

    Service Manager Yoko Umebayashi


  • Makoto overview

    ■Accommodating personnel
     300 people
    ■Number of rooms
     54 rooms(Special Room/1 room·Japanese-style room/49 rooms·Western-style Room/4 rooms)

    【In-house information】

    ■1F:Lobby / Front Desk/vending machine·Public phone/shop
       Large Communal Bath/White plum·Red plum(88 m²)
       Family bath/Koume(8 m² with sauna)
    ■2F:Big Hall/dance(Ballroom 500 m²·With stage·Can be divided into three)
       Lounge / Hanagoromo
    ■3F: Medium hall/Seto(Japanese-Western union (Japanese style 147 square meters·Western style 128 m²)·With stage·Can be divided into three)
       Standard Room
    ■4 · 5 F: Standard Room
    ■6F:Special Room·Standard Room
    Honestly deeply honored with hospitality in the land of Miyajima

please read

  • There are some points you would like to understand in advance for your stay.We regret to inform you that you were disappointed even though you visited us, and we hope that you will understand our inconveniences and use it.Please read before arrival.
  • ●Large Communal Bath●

    There is a public bath, but it is not a hot spring.There is also no outdoor bath and an inner bath is one for each man and woman.I think some customers will come to enjoy the bath in the hot spring boom, but please understand that it is not a hot spring.
  • ●View from the room●

    There are only 13 rooms on the ocean side among 50 rooms in total, mostly rooms with poor views.Some rooms on the mountain side, some rooms can not be seen even in the mountains.
    The rooms are prepared by the hotel, and we cannot inform you in advance what the view will be.
    If you want to specify a room on the sea side, we will charge an additional 2,200 yen (tax included) per person, so please ask in advance.
    All the rooms have 22 square meters in contemporary Japanese style, so you can relax comfortably.
  • ●Accessible room●

    We do not offer barrier-free rooms or Western-style rooms.There are no large steps in the entrance, corridor, or dining venue, and wheelchairs can be used, but since there is a step of about 10 cm at the entrance of the guest room and about 20 cm at the entrance of the large public bath, guests and guests traveling in wheelchairs We apologize for the inconvenience.
    barrier-free a first step towards barrier-free measures, we have set up a wheelchair-accessible toilet in the lobby, have a shuttle car that can be used for each wheelchair, and provide free rental of wheelchairs, but the current situation is that it is not yet well maintained. ..
    The hotel staff will be happy to assist you as much as possible so please do not hesitate to tell us.
  • ●Parking●

    We are in the island, transportation means will be a ferry.
    If you come by car, please use the paid parking lot around the Miyajimaguchi Pier.Since we do not have private parking lot and reservation system, we will be able to find parking space yourself after arriving at the day.
    Although there can be over in Miyajima riding each car to the ferry, the island is that you can not have tourism in the road is narrow car, the island of parking Badai reciprocating Kou is free of Miyajimaguchi Toll Parking Lot Daiyori car Miyajimaguchi Toll Parking Lot Please understand that shipping costs are higher and wild deer also live.
  • ●School excursion●

    We have about 250 school trip excursions per year for us.Depending on the time, it may be a school trip trip student and a lodging camp.
    In that case, it will not be in the same guest room floor or the same dining venue as the school excursion student, but there will be times when it is not available because students are reserved for the large public bath.
    We appreciate your inconvenience but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    School trip trip day
    【June】27,28 28,29th and 30th
    【July】1 or 5 days
    【August】2 or 5 days
    【September】8,9,16,20,twenty five,26, 30 days
    【October】3,7,13,14,17,twenty one,23rd and 24th
    【November】Five,11,13,18 18,20,twenty one,twenty five,28 28,29th and 30th
  • ●Night in Miyajima●

    I think that some guests coming from group or group may wish for a second party after the party.There is no red light district where neon is glittering in Miyajima, so do not have snacks or karaoke boxes, so please be aware in advance.