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Miyajima Hotel Makoto

【Official】Miyajima Hotel Makoto

On the situation of Miyajima caused by heavy rain

We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to those who were suffering from the heavy rain this time occurred in western Japan.

We appreciate the warm words from everyone, thank you for bringing a lot of calls and e-mails we are concerned about.

If you are already making a reservation, whether you can stay at an inn, whether you can arrive to Miyajima,
I think that Miyajima is uneasy about sightseeing.

We have no direct damage in the Miyajima area, so there is no water outage or blackout
Each inn in Miyajima including us is open as usual.Although there were some landslides at the back of the Miyajima Aquarium
Tourism has no influence, and the main attractions such as Itsukushima Shrine and the Daisei-in are sightseeing as before the heavy rain.
Also the ferry to Miyajima has no effect at all and it is in a situation where it operates normally.

The situation of public transportation and highway can be checked here.


It is thought that my heart is tightened when I think that the same damage in Hiroshima Prefecture is occurring.
I appreciate that miraculously no damage and normal life has been achieved and at the same time the damaged area reaches as soon as possible
I would like to support and support myself as much as possible to regain the bright Hiroshima Prefecture by rebuilding.

Miyajima Hotel Makoto
All the staff

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Hotel Name

Miyajima Hotel Makoto


755, Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

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In case of train/Get off at JR Miyajimaguchi or Hiroden Miyajimaguchi, In case of car/Hatsukaichi IC
Miyajimaguchi Pier Ferry boarding from Miyajimaguchi Pier

【Guide for pickup】
Please inform Miyajimaguchi on departure time of ferry on board the day.
I will pick you up at Miyajima pier along with that time.Arrived early
If you are going to sightseeing as it is, you can also only pick up your luggage.
Go to the traffic access page

Genuine comfort and peaceful time flow quietly.

  • Banquet hall "Mai" · "Seto"

    A multipurpose hall producing a gorgeous banquet can be divided into three, celebrations, legal requirements·
    It can be used according to various needs and number of people such as lecture, meeting, training etc.

    ●Big Banket room Mai
     Maximum capacity for accommodating 450
     Ballroom 500 m²
     With stage·Three parting possible "Koto" "Whistle" "Drum"

    ●Middle room Seto
     Maximum capacity 110 people
     Japanese-Western union(Japanese style 147 square meters·Western style 128 m²)
     With stage·Three divisions allowed "Ichinose" "Ninose" "Minoase"
  • Large Bath Hakubai Ko-bai

    Soak in the hot water and rejuvenate your body and relax, please relax.
    A Japanese-style garden that looks like a window opens up the trip of the trip.
    There is also a Family Bath Koume with a sauna.

    ●Large Bath Hakubai Ko-bai
     Capacity 40 persons each
     Baths each, 88 m²

    ●Family Bath Koume
     Capacity 3 people Bathhouse 8 m²
     Use is free, reservation required. ※Please contact us directly for availability and desired time. ※Up to 40 minutes for one use

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If you have any questions, please contact us.