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Hiroshima Hatsumi's suspension is "important"

Since the state of emergency in Hiroshima Prefecture has been extended to 9/30, we will suspend new reservations for 9/30 nights from "Hiroshima Hatsukaichi" using the accommodation subsidy of Hatsukaichi City. ..Even during the period, you can use the subsidy as it is for reservations that have already been applied for.Reservations can be made after October 1st, so please use this as a reference for your autumn trip.

About Hatsukaichi City Accommodation Subsidy Up to 5,000 Yen Discount Hatsuwari Campaign

  • Click here for plan on sale at "Hiroshima Hatsumi"!

    ◆Accommodation period:Scheduled by the end of February 2022
    ◆Accommodation assistance:Up to 5,000 yen discount per person
    ◆Reservation method:Apply via the exclusive accommodation site Hiroshima Hatsumi(※1)
    ◆Target:Anyone nationwide(※2)
    ◆plan name:plan with "Hatsuwari 5000" written on it
    ◆List price:Sold at the payment price minus the subsidy

    ※1 Please note that the subsidy cannot be used by applying on the Miyajima Hotel Makoto
    ※2 Please note that those who live in the area where the state of emergency is issued or the area where priority measures such as epidemic prevention are issued are not eligible for assistance.

About GOTO Travel Campaign (Currently suspended)

  • To book using the GoTo Travel Campaign

    ●0829-44-0070 reservation by phone 0829-44-0070
    ※The inn will issue a 35% discount coupon on your behalf, so you do not need to take any steps.

    ●Book on the official website
    ※Just making a reservation does not cover the discount.You can ask the inn to issue a 35% discount coupon on your behalf, or you can register yourself as a member from staynavi and issue a discount coupon.

    ●Make reservations from accommodation sites such as Jalan, Rakuten Travel, Ikkyu.com, Yukoyuko
    ※Please check the adaptation method of each accommodation site.
  • About STAYNAVI

    Just make a reservation on the official website does not qualify for the discount.

    You need to register as a member on the STAYNAVI website and issue a discount coupon.

    On the day of your stay, please print the coupon and bring it with you, or write down the coupon number and present it at the front desk.

Coronavirus infection prevention measures

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Hotel Name

Miyajima Hotel Makoto


755 Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Telephone number



In case of train/Get off at JR Miyajimaguchi or Hiroden Miyajimaguchi, In case of car/Hatsukaichi IC
Miyajimaguchi Pier Ferry boarding from Miyajimaguchi Pier

【Guide for pickup】
Please inform Miyajimaguchi on departure time of ferry on board the day.
I will pick you up at Miyajima pier along with that time.Arrived early
If you are going to sightseeing as it is, you can also only pick up your luggage.
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