On an island full of history and nature, enjoy a trip that embraces Japanese culture...

Welcome to Miyajima Hotel Makoto

Hotel Makoto is a traditional Japanese ryokan on Miyajima Island, one of the three most scenic places in Japan and a UNESCO World Heritage site that simply oozes romance and history.
The hotel's selling points are the commodious Japanese-style rooms of 22.8 m, the wonderful "Setouchi Kaiseki" (dishes of local Seto inland seafood) prepared by the head chef using seasonal ingredients, and the excellent location with Itsukushima Shrine being just a 10 minute walk away. The whole team at the hotel go that extra mile for you to ensure you leave with wonderful memories of your Miyajima holiday. We very much hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon.

By Sinkansen (to Hiroshima Station)
  • 4 hours from Tokyo Station
  • 2 hours 20 minutes from Nagoya Station
  • 1 hour 40 minutes from Osaka Station
By plane (to Hiroshima International Airport)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes from Haneda Airport
  • 1 hour 20 minutes from Seoul Airport
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Sightseeing spots around Miyajima Hotel Makoto

Miyajima Island is located in the west of Hiroshima Prefecture. A small island of roughly 30km in circumference and home to wild deer, it has been revered since ancient times as "Kami no Shima", or "Island of the Gods".
Rising up behind Itsukushima Shrine and its Otorii Gate is the great primeval forest with its history, culture and romance that has come to symbolize Miyajima. Gazing at Miyajima Island from the ferry, the green of the mountains, the blue of the ocean and the vermilion of Itsukushima Shrine create so beautiful a reflective contrast as to mesmerize visitors. The harmony between the crafted elegance of Itsukushima Shrine and the natural beauty of Miyajima's primeval forest is truly a treasure belonging to all mankind, and was recognized as such with its designation in December 1996 as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Miyajima Island is a place to sense history, feel changing seasons, be captivated by beautiful scenery and generally enjoy the sightseeing all around.
Miyajima has in recent years become a Tourism and Friendship City with Mont Saint-Michel in France in recognition of the islands' shared features: They are both world heritage sites on the sea, have over a thousand years of history as places of faith, and are one of the most famous tourist destinations in their respective nations. The area has gained in popularity as a major tourism spot recently, with visitors coming not just from France, but all over the world.

【Miyajima Island】
Itsukushima Shrine・・・10 minutes' walk from the hotel / Otorii Gate・・・10 minutes' walk from the hotel / Five-story pagoda・・・7 minutes' walk from the hotel * From sunset until 23:00, Itsukushima Shrine, the Otorii Gate and the five-story pagoda are lit up. * Pleasure boats offer tours around the illuminated Otorii Gate (6 trips per day, 30 minutes duration, 1,600 yen per person, reservation required, can be reserved at the hotel) / Senjokaku・・・7 minutes' walk from the hotel / Homotsukan・・・15 minutes' walk from the hotel / Daiganji Temple・・・15 minutes' walk from the hotel / Miyajima Ropeway・・・20 minutes' walk to the ropeway courtesy bus pick-up point / Tahoto Pagoda・・・20 minutes' walk from the hotel / Daisho-in Temple・・・25 minutes' walk from the hotel / Momijidani Park・・・25 minutes' walk from the hotel / Miyajima Public Aquarium・・・25 minutes' walk from the hotel / Omotesando Shopping Street・・・5 minutes' walk from the hotel

【Hiroshima City】
Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park・・・45 minutes from Miyajimaguchi on the Hiroshima Electric Railway

【Miyajima Gourmet】
Okonomiyaki, broiled eel with rice, oyster cuisine etc.

  • Itsukushima Shrine and Five-story pagodaItsukushima Shrine and Five-story pagoda
  • Otorii GateOtorii Gate
  • Tahoto PagodaTahoto Pagoda
  • Momijidani ParkMomijidani Park